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Debate is one of the best learning tools for students to improve in their listening skills, writing skills, thinking skills and presentation skills. Get into some fun and challenging debate competition, our students just Love it.


Our spotlight writing programme. Our students love this programme as they developed a genuine interest in writing! Get published, join international writing competitions, and more with our signature writing programme. 

English Enrichment

Our programme focuses on polishing English skills in major areas including grammar, comprehension, general testing skills and writing for academic requirements. Students enhance English skills and build confidence.

Our Vision
“PASSION to think and learn, ABILITY to resolve problems and make wise decisions, and CONFIDENCE to face challenges and develop core values in life.”

~ Jason Pak
4D Critical Thinking
Our proprietary 4D-
Our leadership and critical thinking training program is based on the 4D© Methodology - Define, Discover, Develop, and Deliver. This proven system is widely adopted in critical thinking education circles, by college professors and corporate leaders alike.

with the systematic 4D© Methodology. Students will acquire the ability to define the problem, discover relevant information, develop options and deliver a credible solution.
Leadership and values
Future Leaders Academy aims to empower students with leadership and critical thinking skills, Today’s world is becoming more complex and challenging. Children with these abilities will resolve problems more effectively and hence gain more successes in early life. These successes will help students build up more confidence to face challenges, enhance positive core values in life, and develop a lifelong passion for learning.
Toddlers (Age 3-6 years old)
Kindergarten starter programme:
- Oxford Phonics
- Trinity Speaking programme
- Cambridge English test (starter)
- Speech festival training
- Communication skills
Primary (Age 6 to 12 years old)
Primary school students programme:
- Elite English
- Reading, Writing and Speaking
- Elite English Writing

- Cambridge English test
- Debating
For Age 13+
Junior Leaders Programme
- Elite English Writing
- Debating
- Critical Thinking
- Public Speaking
Kids programming
Enhance your kids logical thinking and problem solving skills by fun programming workshop.
Elite English
Future Leaders Academy offers a wide range of courses focused on learning English and developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.

We seek ways to develop the student’s ability to independently comprehend, analyze, and present information. Our classes focuses on comprehension, reading, writing, and speaking, training each of these skills through a highly interactive, engaging, and fun approach.
School Support
We offer after-school and holiday programme to school:
- English speaking
- Debating
- Cambridge English test
- Critical thinking
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