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Lee Yin Tsun is a precocious grade three student who has shown a driven interest in exploring new topics and demonstrating his creativity in each class. Here is a fairy tale Yin Tsun wrote at the beginning of the year.

The Wizard and the Giant by Lee Yin Tsun

Once upon a time in a village, there lived a wizard. He had a wizard’s hat and cloak and was always trying to make new spells. His apprentice was a boy who lived down the lane form the wizard. The wizard also had a pet dragon who sometimes helped them make spells by retrieving the items they needed.


One day, when they were experimenting with a new spell, they heard a giant coming. He was more than century old and had warts, scars and pimples everywhere! He grabbed a few villagers and threatened the other villagers. “If you do not surrender within a week and be my slaves, I will destroy your village!”


After saying that, he walked along with the villagers he had captured. The wizard was infuriated. So the wizard, dragon and apprentice decided to set off for the giant’s castle. But on the way to the castle, they encountered five giant spiders that spoke. They were part of the giant’s army. The spiders refused to let them onto the other side of the path. A spider said, “You shall not pass!” The wizard and his friends were so mad, that the wizard made a magical hand, lifted the spiders up and threw them into the sea. So with no more defenses between them and the castle, the wizard, his apprentice and the dragon soon arrived at the castle.


Because the wizard magically made a map of the giant’s castle, they were able to locate where the prison was. They sneaked away from the giants and closer to the prison until they reached the prison. Just when the wizard was about to open the prison door with his key that could open any door, the giant appeared in front of them. He was furious that they had nearly freed the apprentice, so he tried to squash them. The wizard and the dragon escaped just in time. The wizard then shot a ball of magic onto the giant. The giant roared in agony and retreated to a secret lair but flung the wizard into his prison before running away. The dragon could not talk, but he was smart. He knew that if you heat metal too much, it would melt. So, the dragon breathed more and more fire until the bars of the cage melted. The wizard and his apprentice rushed out of the cage and freed the other prisoners. Soon, the room was filled with the giant’s captives. The wizard then gave the villagers spades and told them to dig themselves out. After the prisoners had safely evacuated, the wizard and his friends went to find the giant. He was in his secret cave, building a large prison. He was planning to put the wizard and his friends in the prison. Just when he was about to swipe him up and throw him in, the dragon lifted the wizard and his apprentice into the air.


The wizard summoned lots of bees that stung the giant. The giant had no choice but to step back. Then, the bees pushed him so far back that the giant fell into his own prison. The giant was furious and tried to smash the cage, but it was too strong. The giant knew he was defeated and sat down in the cage forever.


The wizard, his apprentice and the dragon had finished what they came to the castle for, so they went back home and continued creating their spells.

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