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Our Vision

“PASSION to think and learn, ABILITY to resolve problems and make wise decisions, and CONFIDENCE to face challenges and develop core values in life.”

Future Leaders Academy aims to empower students with leadership and critical thinking skills, Today’s world is becoming more complex and challenging. Children with these abilities will resolve problems more effectively and hence gain more successes in early life. These successes will help students build up more confidence to face challenges, enhance positive core values in life, and develop a lifelong passion for learning.


















Our leadership and critical thinking training program is based on the 4D© Methodology - Define, Discover, Develop, and Deliver.This proven system is widely adopted in critical thinking education circles, by college professors and corporate leaders alike. 

Based on a continuous and iterative approach, students will learn to solve problems with the systematic 4D© Methodology. Students will acquire the ability to define the problem, discover relevant information, develop options and deliver a credible solution. The process is taught in depth such that students can master its application in all problem-solving and decision-making situations. Not only will your children be able to think effectively and make smart decisions, but also most importantly, they will develop a passion to LEARN new things, to EMBRACE challenges instead of running away, and lead instead of follow.

Our Mission

Schools, universities, and companies are all looking for one thing. They need people who can use their brains to think, speak, and write. Those who can think critically, and problem-solve will be the ones that come out on top. The best employee is not the one that can function like a computer, but the one which can function like a human. Above all else, what makes us human is our critical and rational faculties.

Our Offerings

Future Leaders Academy offers a wide range of courses focused on learning English and developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. We seek ways to develop the student’s ability to independently comprehend, analyze, and present information. Our classes touch on comprehension, reading, writing, and speaking, training each of these skills through a highly interactive, engaging, and fun approach. 

Professor. Paul Stapleton

Academic Advisor

Dr. Paul Stapleton is the head of English Department at the Institute of Education. In addition to research on English learning for students, he also focuses on teaching Critical Thinking for students.

Mr. Ashton James

Principal Teacher (North Point)

Ashton is an experienced Native English Teacher holding a Bachelor of the Arts degree from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, as well as TEFL and TESOL certifications.


Ashton is passionate about his students’ success and providing them with the English language skills necessary to succeed.

Ms. Ellie Wan

Programme Advisor (North Point)

Specialise in school coordination, Ellie has in-depth knowledge on early child education. A passion to promote thinking-based learning, Ellie brought in various value-added learning programme in order to tailor for various need for different students. 

Mr. Jason Pak

Programme and School liason director

Jason is an experienced education professional. With a wealth of corporate knowledge in management and consulting, Jason believe that education should be more than just tests and exams.


With a passion to improve the overall education for students, Jason has introduced Thinking-based learning to help student truly acquire self-learning and problem-solving skills.

Ms. Mabel Chien

Early Childhood Education Teacher 

Ms. Lucía Campillo Palomo

Spanish Panel Teacher 

Ms. Candy Chan

Mandarin Teacher

Ms. Mia

English Teacher 

Ms. Katie Heads

English Teacher 

Ms. Jessica Braun

Supporting Teacher 

Our Team

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