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Writing & Publishing

Publish Selected Work from Young Writers  

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Main focus is to teach students to engage the world around them through writing. Students do this by creating pieces of writing that will actually be published and read by all.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a wealth of knowledge in key areas including Social, Political, Legal, Economic, Environmental and Moral.

  • Learn effective methods of expressing themselves and engaging the world around them

  • Improve idea generation and research skills

  • Learn to think critically

  • Learn a wide variety of text types

  • Develop a love for writing and overcome any fears of writing

  • Improve students' overall writing skills

  • Engage external channels including newspapers, blog, anthology, contest, newsletter, etc

Course Structure

Each course is divided into 5 modules per term. each module will focus on specific text type, a key area of knowledge, a specific audience, and a specific method of outreach to outside channels. 

Learning Approach

Students will use the 4D Method to guide them through the writing process

  • Define: Clearly identify the topic, key areas of knowledge, text type, audience and method of research/idea generation

  • Discover: Do necessary research, brainstorming and idea generation

  • Develop: Organise ideas and begin drafting

  • Deliver: Create a final product ready to be seen by the world

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