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- Jason Pak


       Future Leaders Academy lead students out of the traditional way of study. 

Through thinking-based learning, our students advance in academy results and problem solving abilities. They also learn the value of things, understand their motives and gain confidence to realise their dreams.


We offer full range of English and thinking skills program. Our program is tailor to teach the things children don't learn at class. Our program focus to expand children's knowledge horizon and encourage application of their knowledge acquired from school.


  • Kindergarten Critical Thinking

  • Oxford Phonics

  • Trinity English Speaking

  • Cambridge English Exam - Starter

Primary School

Our distinct English program, infuse with thinking-base methodology, help students to learn in a NON-traditional way. Students who experience this program show academic improvement in 6 months. Students build up confidence and learning skills through our program. This is also the foundation program for gifted learners to go on our Leadership Program.



  • Elite English Course (Star Programe)

  • Elite Writing 

  • Elite Grammar

  • Tutorial - Test.Exams.Dictation

Secondary School

Among the best Critical Thinking program in town tailor for student that cover contents you can learn from universities and corporate institutes.



  • Junior Leader Programme

  • English Writing

  • Presentation Skills

  • Academic Enrichment (DSE, Interviews)


Junior Coder - Student Programming

Coding has the ability to facilitate and extend children's awesome natural ability and drive to construct, hypothesize, explore, experiment, evaluate, draw conclusions -- in short to learn -- all by themselves. Coding grants them both fun and knowledge.



  • Children coder

  • Junior programming

Student Debating

Debate is a way to foster understanding, cooperation, and a free and lively exchange of ideas.


More than a mere verbal or performance skill, debate embodies the ideals of reasoned argument, tolerance for divergent points of view and rigorous self-examination. Debate is, above all, a way for those who hold opposing views to discuss controversial issues without descending to insult, emotional appeals or personal bias.


Students who have learned how to debate, they are more able to critically examine the pronouncements of their political representatives and to make informed judgments about crucial issues.

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