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English Enrichment

Helps students build their fundamental English skills and improve academically in school. These programmes are designed to focus on the key areas in which students need to excel for academic excellence. 

Personalized Learning Plan

Each student must complete an assessment prior to enrollment. Following the assessment, our experienced teachers meet with parents and create a customized learning plan which will address the student's specific learning needs.

Reading Comprehension & Vocabulary

Learn and apply essential reading comprehension technique to a wide range of text types.
Learn essential vocabulary necessary to understand a variety of topics.

Writing & Vocabulary for Tests and Exams

Learn essential writing and time management skills for tests and examinations.
Expand vocabulary to better "write what you want to say".

Advance Grammar

For students taking Debate & Writing Programmes that want to strengthen their grammar.

Academic Grammar

Focus on specific grammar areas such as tense, parts of speech subject / verb agreement, common errors, etc.

Fundamental English

For students who aren't weak in one specific area but want to improve their overall academic English abilities. Students will focus on grammar, reading, comprehension, writing, vocabulary, eliminating careless mistakes and improving test taking skills.  
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