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Jeremy (South Island School)

My son has been attending debate classes since a year ago. I think it has a great positive influence on his self–expression. He learns that in debating, he needs to think and talk in a relevant, disciplined,
evidence-based and organized way. It also helps him develop his ability to speak in front of a wide audience which builds in him a sense of confidence and courage. My son enjoys the casual classroom setting where children are allowed to research on a subject, then discuss and share their findings. I believe he gets a feeling that his voices and thoughts really matter and he also learns to listen and respect to others’ opinions.
Debate has become my son’s favorite after school activity. We look forward to more of your coaching and competitions in the coming term.
- Stella (Jeremy’s mum)


Emily (Singapore International School) 

In the debate class, Emily found the real fun in debating. She is usually quiet and warms up slowly, and I never thought that she would like debating. She often avoids arguing with others in real life, but the teacher has managed to train her, and other children like her by helping to prepare speeches and encouraging critical thinking. But the most important thing is to train them deliver the speech effectively.

I am amazed at how the teachers are so capable of dealing with the kids with different personalities and encouraging them to work with each other very effectively. The teacher knows when to push the kids like Emily out of their comfort zone and into their courage zone and make them feel their own strength.

This is my daughter’s quote on debate, “The real fun in debate is you can argue appropriately.” As a parent, I also found it very interesting to visit different schools and watch the competitions, whatever winning or losing, I just enjoy the memorable moments.

I can tell that the teachers of FLA enjoy what they are teaching, which is mainly the reason why the students enjoy what they learn.
FLA provides a safe place to learn, with no judgement coming from peers or teachers. My child feels free to make mistakes and not be afraid to do so. She can learn at her own pace, and she has gained
so much!

I want to thank you for giving me this chance to show my appreciation to the hard-working and devoted teachers of FLA.
- Ms Liu (Emily’s mom)

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Why Debate

Debate is a way to foster understanding, cooperation, a free and lively exchange of ideas.


More than a mere verbal or performance skill, debate embodies the ideals of reasoned argument, tolerance for divergent points of view and rigorous self-examination. Debate is, above all, a way for those who hold opposing views to discuss controversial issues without descending to insult, emotional appeals or personal bias.


The process of debate offers profound and lasting benefits for individuals, with its emphasis on critical thinking, effective communication, independent research and teamwork, debate teaches skills that serve individuals well in school and in life. 


Students who learn debated have higher ability to critically examine the pronouncements of their political representatives and to make informed judgments about crucial issues.

Future Leaders Debate Programme


Future Leaders Academy's beginner's course gives students a chance to apply critical thought in a discourse setting, where the focus is on core debate skills in Matter, Manner and Method. Students will identify problems and reason out a solution in a logical approach before verbalizing them in a clear and dynamic manner. In this process, students are to be familiarized with different perspectives on current affairs and controversial issues. This course supplies students with the core skills required in higher education, careers in law, business, etc. It also prepares students for interscholastic competition in team debate, public speaking, and original oratory.



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