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Senior School Students

Junior Leader critical thinking programme

The Thinkers program is the program for middle and high school students who are looking to learn English and build up higher-level language and thinking skills. The program aligns with the Hong Kong school curriculum and prepares students for the Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA). The Thinkers program is taught in small class size environments, ensuring each student has sufficient access to the teacher. 














The Thinkers program at Future Leader’s Academy encompasses a wide variety of activities and skillsets with the ultimate objective being the improvement of the student’s English language proficiency. Every lesson is based on similar objectives, to engage in reading and comprehension of texts through different formats; essays, reports, articles, novels, poems, non-fiction and fiction. There is also a heavy focus on writing skills, this is where students are taught how to write in different formats for different audiences, and receive training on structure, flow, and focus. In conjunction with reading and writing, speaking and listening will also be cultivated through class interaction, teamwork, and presentation. 

As with all Future Leaders Academy classes, the number of students per session is low, allowing our teachers to direct attention and time towards each of the students and their needs. The essential purpose of this program is to allow students to gain comfort in using the English language under all circumstances in life, school, and work. 

Writing Programme

This course is suitable for students who are highly proficient in their use of the English language and wish to improve it for higher-level cognitive functions. The focus of this course is to develop their comprehension, analysis, and communication. 















At Future Leaders Academy, we have developed this comprehensive program to train students in skills that will help them write academic papers, organize thoughts and arguments in debates, write clear and precise reports, and understand the nuances and subtleties of language and thought. 

For this course, there will be much discussion and analysis of contemporary issues which will equip the student in understanding the world. There will also be rigorous training in writing, with special focus on organizing thoughts into coherent arguments and points. This is accompanied with close-reading and analysis of different text formats to explore different methods and purposes in writing. 


The art of debate has been with humanity since the beginning of philosophy. Through debate, people can peacefully and rationally deliberate on conflicts and problems in society. Today, the demand for debate clubs and competitions has only increased over time as the next generation gains greater critical thinking skills and awareness of the world. 

Future Leaders Academy's foundation course gives students a chance to apply critical thought in a discourse setting, where the focus is on speech, attention, and timeliness. Students will identify problems and reason out a solution in a logical manner before verbalizing them in a clear and dynamic manner with a teacher in a small class environment. In this process, students are to be familiarized with different perspectives on current affairs and controversial issues. This course supplies students with the basic skills required in higher education, careers in law, business, etc. It also prepares students for interscholastic competition in team debate, public speaking, and original oratory. 
















Public Speaking

The art of public speaking has long been practiced since the beginning of human civilization. It is an essential skill for many leaders, thinkers, and students alike. Not only an important tool for those who wish to affect the world, but an equally important discipline for self-improvement. The practice of public speaking can work to improve one’s confidence, persuasiveness, and spontaneity, not to mention the immeasurable benefits in language acquisition and retention. 

At Future Leaders Academy, the course can be tailored for any level of public speaking. There is intensive training for those who wish to speak competitively, close personal coaching for those who wish to use improve their presentation skills in a school or business setting. This course is suitable for experienced public speakers who would like continual coaching and foundational students learning the basics. 

This program aims to give as much practice time as possible for speakers along with guidance and teaching by experienced public speakers and debaters. Through this program, students can learn how to speak persuasively, argue their point, engage an audience, and think on their feet.

Academic Enrichment


Overseas application)

The Academic Consultation at Future Leaders Academy is intended to provide learners with support in special requirements related to their academic matters.The class supplements the students’ English classwork, ensuring that they comprehend the lessons and material they are given in school. 

The Academic Enrichment Class helps learners to prepare for dictations, exams, tests and quizzes as well as provides support with their homework, writing and reading comprehension. Through this enhanced support learners build their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as well as their vocabulary, knowledge of grammar, motivation and confidence. 

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