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Develop skills in Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Writing, Presentation,Research and Self-Management

Explorer Programme Overview

To connect with secondary school and university education, students will deliver their individual ideas and group deliberations through presentation, which will be recorded and assessed on an individual basis. Students are expected to be able to gain more self-confidence through different communication processes such as group discussions as well as presentations. Most importantly, the training will help them think rationally and logically, which is essential to the establishment of core values throughout their lives.

Explorer is a fun, engaging, and effective learning programmes than caters to learners from ages 6 to 12. It helps students develop skills including: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Collaboration, Writing, Presentation, Research and Self-Management. A wide spectrum of topics are covered including: Environmental Sustainability, Immigration, Health & Lifestyle, Social Media, Ageing Populations, Identity, Business, Modern Infrastructure and more... Young learners will overcome some key challenges in identifying accurate and relevant materials, classifying and prioritizing information, brain storming for ideas generation, communication with members and teamwork. Again the explorer prepare our learners to equip essential core life skills to succeed in their future. 


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