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The first round of international debating games has concluded. We would like to congratulate the following debaters on their victories 🥳:

14th of April 2021 (PRIMARY DIVISION)

Let's give a warm round of applause to Stephanie, Aydan, and Barry for winning the first round of the international games held on the; against Team Sri Lanka, with Aydan receiving the BEST SPEAKER award.

15th of April 2021 (SECONDARY DIVISION)

Emily, Esmond, and Andrea have proven that teamwork makes the dream work! Congratulations on their win against Team Malaysia.

24th of April 2021 (SECONDARY DIVISION)

A very big kudos to Daniel, Alexander W., and Emily for bringing a strong case against the strong Team Taiwan. Their rebuttals have proven as to why COVID-19 vaccines should not be distributed equally to every country. We are very honoured to announce Alexander W.’s BEST SPEAKER award.

25th of April 2021 (SECONDARY DIVISION)

COVID-19 vaccines should be distributed to every country equally; Alexander P., Brandon, and Hilary can tell you that! Our affirmative team has done a very impressive job that has gotten them the advantage over Team Canada.


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