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Champion of 2021 World Debating Competition

Congratulations to the FLA debaters’ great performance at the World Junior Schools debating finals. Our primary debaters took the grand championship of the primary division.

Our debaters Audrey, Aydan, and Max took the ultimate award of the grand championship. Max also captured the best speaker award at the final game. Also, our secondary debaters, Brandon, Emily, and Esmond took the 2nd runner-up award in the secondary division. Emily took the best speaker award at the quarter-final game. Also, Alexander, Cammie and Jade placed in the top 8 finish of all teams. A really great achievement--well done!!!

They have played many rounds over the last 8 months and reached this year's final rounds last Sunday. They faced competitive players around the world from Canada, Australia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and Sri Lanka.


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